Non-Grocery Retail

Buy two, send one back

Almost nothing has changed in the score of the Non-Grocery Retail sector since 2020. The sector retained its second place in the ranking and showed the best performance in the resolution pillar and the price-performance metric. It is also worth noting that half of the top 10 spots are held by Non-Grocery Retail brands.

Cosmetics, pharmacy, and drugstore subsectors achieved the best results, with each having a representative in the top 10 ranking: Yves Rocher (3rd place), BENU (7th place), and dm (5th place). Nothing has changed in subsector scores in year-on-year comparison either.

Loyalty bonuses, green policies, and free shipping

Discounts and loyalty programs are a good way to get customers’ attention.

Next to discounts, eco-friendly policies and delivery terms are also important to customers.

As regards online stores, many customers expect free delivery to a pick up point at the very least, with most brands offering free home delivery from a certain order total.

Yves Rocher: good things take time

This year’s winner is Yves Rocher, a French brand of cosmetics that has been slowly making its way up the ladder over the past four years.

The company has everything a modern brand needs, complete with a good loyalty program and a great online store that some customers discovered only recently, during the pandemic. The brand achieved its highest scores in time and effort and integrity pillars, with the latter high score being the result of the brand’s environmentally conscious policies that the customers hold in high value.

Still a human here

The second place in Non-Grocery Retail goes to dm drogerie markt, whose journey through the rankings resembles that of Yves Rocher, with the company’s famous, Faust-referencing motto “Here I am human, here I shop” etched into customers’ brains forever.

To live up to its motto, the company makes sure to truly fulfil the individual needs and preferences of all their customers, whether they are after affordable brands, eco-friendly cosmetics or special foods. At dm, people come first, be they employees or customers.

Like many others, the company has its own online store and a loyalty program, with customers praising a broad selection of high-quality products, friendly employees, and affordable prices.

About Baťa

The third place of the sector was taken by About You, one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in Europe, who pulled off an incredible move jumping ten spots in the ranking. The brand’s ambition is clear – to digitalize shopping and turn it into an inspiring, personalized experience. Their customers like the brand’s simple return and refund processes, the quality of their goods, and affordable prices.

If you thought moving up ten places was incredible, then prepare to be blown away by Baťa, a Czech shoe manufacturer who one-upped this amazing performance and moved up eleven places within the sector. From the customers’ comments it would appear that the brand has their friendly staff to thank for this success.

Technology to the people

  • Online order with detailed information

    Detailed parameter description, an option to compare products, reviews, good photos showing the product’s details – all those things play a role in the customer’s final decision: to buy or not to buy.

  • Easy online returns

    When the customer can be sure that the potential return and refund process is simple and smooth, they are much more likely to purchase the goods. The pandemic has clearly shown the importance of smooth refunds and returns, especially in case of shoes and clothing, with people often ordering two sizes of the same item with the intention of returning the one that doesn’t fit.

  • Pick up and self-checkout apps

    Pick up apps that often allow customers to “skip the line” or select a desired pick up time are very popular with the customers, just like self-checkout apps that they are already familiar with from fast food chains.

Top three (scale 0–10)

Yves Rocher 8.20
About You 8.09
ZOOT: “I like their promotions; you can buy some really great clothes at amazing prices. The only downside is my closet is getting too small to fit all the clothes.” (Woman, 45)
“I am a regular customer of Yves Rocher, I like the company and their products very much. My shopping experience has been nothing but positive – the company is very trustworthy, and you can see that they value their customers. They offer amazing benefits to their club members, and to non-members as well. Their products are very high-quality, and I appreciate their eco-conscious approach to packaging and their use of natural ingredients” (Woman, 23)
“I’ve been using H&M’s online store for over a year now. I like their products; there’s a good selection for me and for my daughters as well. I am also a member of the H&M club, which means I get some perks like free delivery, although I think non-members get that for orders over CZK 800, too, and the option to exchange items for free. Order process, delivery, and returns all work well and without problems.” (Woman, 33)
Yves Rocher: “I have been a customer for a long time, I even have a loyalty card, with regular offers delivered to my inbox. I had to start using their online store instead of going to one of their shops due to the pandemic restrictions, but I was very happy with my online purchases as well, so I will now use both shopping methods as I see fit.” (Woman, 75)
dm: “Their shops are my favourite and I love their Balea brand – it’s good and affordable. Their staff are always friendly, they always greet every customer and are very helpful and forthcoming.” (Woman, 57)
About You: “Awesome, awesome, awesome. Best clothes at best prices. I prefer shopping online, it’s much more convenient than shopping in brick-and-mortar stores.” (Woman, 25)
“I was taking shoes to Baťa to return them – they came apart, partly because of my own stupidity. My warranty claim was accepted, I was refunded CZK 800 (the original cost was CZK 900) and they even allowed me to keep the damaged shoes. So I used the refunded money to buy new shoes, fixed the damaged pair with some glue and went on to use them for gardening for another two years” (Woman, 26)
Baťa: “I visited their store in the Citypark mall in Jihlava to buy shoes for my baby daughter. Not one, but two employees were tending to me. It was difficult to measure my daughter’s foot, but one of the ladies from the staff gladly took it upon herself to distract her so we could finally find out what shoe size she needed. The staff were extremely forthcoming and emphathetic, they let us try and get a good look at everything, giving me detailed instructions on how to proceed in case I’m unhappy with the shoes, being very professional the whole time. It is important to treat people well and be forthcoming. I bought shoes for my daughter and left the store feeling great. Thank you.” (Woman, 27)
Notino: “I am a regular client here. I like their broad selection of perfumes, their easy-to-navigate website, and their search button works really well, too. Also, they are one of the very few companies that will give you a detailed perfume description, complete with reviews from other customers.” (Woman, 47)
Sportissimo: “I bought clothes for my grandson a couple of times, but the size ended up being too small. I was always able to exchange the items or receive a refund with no problem at all.” (Woman, 72)
“Benzina is always my first choice for petrol. Their high-quality premium petrol is very affordable compared to the competition, and I like their mobile app very much – you can use it to pay with your phone, right at the pump. Their selection of snacks is good, too – there’s coffee, hot dogs, etc.” (Woman, 20)
Alza: “Their website is great. Placing an order is quick and easy, as is the delivery. The option to use the app to track the delivery process is great. The staff are friendly. Refunds and returns are always taken care of, no problem.” (Man, 50)

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